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Bombadil & little old men in fairy tales

A new set of articles from Ms. Priya Seth start off by asking the reader to consider whether a ‘faerie’ was envisioned in Middle–earth (other than the pseudo ones of the Elven dominions) and whether Tom Bombadil existed on the boundaries of it.


Perhaps the most interesting part is Tom’s seeming further connection to fairy tale as the ‘little old man’ in two other fairy-stories. Already discussed (in What a Colorful Pair – Part IV) is Tom potentially playing the fairy-role in Jack and the Beanstalk. Extending that theme, the author links bits of The Fellowship of the Ring text to two more fairy tales:

(a) The Blue Mountains
(b) The Little Folk’s Presents’.

Here we see what she calls ‘fractured’ repeats of the little old man theme’ specifically with respect to the texts’:

(a) “there was Tom whistling like a tree full of birds”
(b) “he clapped them each on the shoulders with a laugh”.

If true – there is a deeper layer to the Bombadil episode – that Tolkien inserted. The resulting implication is that Tom is a creature of faerie. But which faerie and where is what needs explanation.
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