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2 still holds its mystery.
6 is indeed Sandfield Road, Turambar!

Reposting for this page:
One, Gondorian grouping, Butterbur drooping
Two, a monster cache, a place of doom: Angband
Three, at this age what angst a tweener would be suffering?: Nwalme, torment
Is four a mound, or stone, a place for bones? : Tombs
A fifth, a time in Bree to be mead a-drinking: Afterlithe, called "Mede" in Bree
The sixth is where there lived an Inkling: Sandfield Road, Oxford
Seven's a remedy for overheating: Isenmouthe
Guess eighth and poser end is soon, for it is a burial bloom: Evermind

"Nemo omnia, quae nec videntur nec videri possunt, miribilia mundi vel intelliget vel animo finget."

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"cen thec mid cræfte ond thyssum cnyhtum wes/ lara lithe."
"Show yourself strong, and be kind to the kids." ~ WealhÞeow, Beowulf (1219-20)
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