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Lčođern bounced up to Javan’s side. “Saeryn’s back, did you know?”

Javan nodded, setting his face and trying not to let anyone see how he strained to carry the buckets of water. They were heavy, but he would do it – or bust.

“She’s a real lady, you know?”

Javan didn’t know, so he didn’t nod this time. He had reached the kitchen and he set down the buckets, exhaling a sigh as his muscles relaxed. He rubbed his palms together and looked outward to see Saeryn, between Rowenna and Modtryth. “She looks awfully spent, don’t you think?” he commented to Lčođern.

The girl hadn’t noticed before. She turned around to look, too. “I guess so,” she said slowly.

“Well. Let’s see about breakfast, and then I’m going to see if Stigend needs any help today.”


Saeryn cursed her weakness. She should not be so near collapsing. She was stronger than this. But there could be no denying that her body was thankful for the support on both sides of her as Modtryth and Rowenna escorted her to a table.

The food was wonderful and warm. Saeryn would have been perfectly happy to eat and drink and then lie down and sleep for a week, but…

“Does your brother hunt you again?”

Saeryn looked up from her plate. The way she jumped when he spoke might say many things to those watching her.

“No. My brother does not hunt me. He will never hunt anything again. Fenrir was killed and I barely escaped.” And not without scathing, she almost added, but she held her tongue. She was about to speak again when she realized she had not bitten her tongue soon enough, actually. She cast a wary glance in Eodwine’s direction. He had not known that she had gone back to the Folde, so that would have been news to him.
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