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Dan's face was as unreadable as Eodwine had heard about the Drugs, but his willingness to help was evident in his words.

"Erbrand may of course show you. As for plans, I have not made any yet, for I do not know who the man is nor what if anything he has done, except to hide from us. When you find him and if he comes to us willingly, then we will make his acquaintance. If he is unwilling to come, I must know why, for it is my duty to protect my folk."

Dan seemed to consider himself answered with a single nod, and went to Erbrand who stood not far away, preparing himself to join the hunting party. Eodwine watched Dan explain, and when Erbrand looked to Eodwine, he gave a nod of agreement. The two started off toward the edge of Scarburg.

Eodwine saw that preparations ran apace around him. He was going to give his aid to helping Léof with the animal pens, but first he wanted to know how things stood with the latest newcomer. He walked to the women's tent and called.

Rowenna showed up at the entrance.

"How does our newest guest fare?"

"I do not know for sure, lord. I will go ask Modtryth."

"Very well. You will find me among Léof's help."

Rowenna went back into the tent with her question for Modtryth.
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