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Amroth shuddered, feeling the water close over his head; his lungs ached, his throat hurt, his eyes glazed.

Nethwador touched his arm.

Amroth's eyes snapped open. Erebemlin started, and their eyes met.

"Courage, my Lord."

Amroth shook himself. Nimrodel shuddered.

I have left her alone. Again.

Erebemlin held Nimrodel tighter, and Amroth closed his eyes, and strove inward. But he opened his eyes again, and looked round once more at the sunshine, the trees, the cold hillside. Nethwador tightened his grip on the king's arm. Amroth nodded, and closed his eyes again.

Hours she had spent at war with the waves and their blinding spray. She listened, reaching, reaching. But now her lover's cry was silent. She heard his voice no more.

She surrendered herself to the heaving waves, and knew no more.
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