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Crabannan saw his chance to get himself out of a ridiculous situation and took it. He relaxed his guard and shook his head. He was not usually this lucky.

"Ah well, Halfling Falco, perhaps you are right. Perhaps you would be more than a match for me, with your two ferocious warriors, and I with my bad leg. Master Javan and I would have surely been overcome."

He stepped aside and presented a clear road for the halfling and his pony. He hoped that he had not seemed weak in his capitulation moments earlier. He cast a sidelong at Javan and the other boys, but from their expressions he could not tell whether they thought so; he grimaced and put the thought aside. It did not bear dwelling on, and he had managed to avoid beginning his brief stay in the camp with a brawl. That was what mattered.

"A wise decision, Master Crabapple. You have avoided the great indignity of being beaten by someone half your height," said Falco.

"We must put it to the test someday, eh Halfling? But not today, I see."

Falco nodded his assent stiffly.

"Someday, perhaps. When you are better prepared. And now, I must be on my way."

"In that case, I wish you farewell and fair travels, Master Halfling, if Crabapple the Highwayman's goodwill is not repulsive to you."

With that Crabannan turned back to the three boys who had been watching the interchange with much interest.

"Now, lads, if one of you could direct me to someone who can give me a meal, I would be in your debt. I'm willing to work for it, but I'll need the meal beforehand. I haven't eaten in a day."

As he spoke, he realized just how hungry and tired he really was. He leaned against Horse, resting his right leg. I wish I could eat grass like you, old boy. Horse licked his ear and nuzzled the shaggy head of black hair.

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