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Tears trickled down Amroth's face; his breath came in shuddering gasps.

Erebemlin held his thoughts steady, even as he held Nimrodel in his great arms. "Courage, my lord. Courage."

"Where, " asked Amroth in a hoarse whisper, "did she go next? I cannot see it."

And no wonder; you were drowned, sweet king, drowned and dead. Erebemlin's lips tightened. Where had the thought come from? He had felt it, deep in his heart, but nay, he knew, he had chosen to hide it from the king.

Nethwador's hand closed around Amroth's arm, and the boy spoke in his harsh tongue. The boy, then; perhaps he had shown his heart to the boy. Erebemlin steeled himself, and turned towards Nimrodel's thoughts.

He found her, rolling, rolling in the breaking surf, scraped again and again across the sand. There Mithrellas had found her, and dragged her ashore, and with difficulty wakened her. But Mithrellas' loving work was met with thanklessness and anger.

Deep beneath the waves, Amroth's body was being slowly swept towards the shore.

Amroth saw it, saw her, stood by Erebemlin as Mithrellas tended Nimrodel. Amroth knelt beside Nimrodel, trying to brush the sand out of her golden hair, but his hand passed through the hair and the sand both. Nimrodel sobbed with anger; Mithrellas tried to soothe her.

Amroth leaned over her and spoke earnestly. I am here, my love, my singing water, my starlit nightingale. I am with you, I am here.

Nimrodel's strength wore thin; her weeping slowed. Amroth spoke to her again, and again. But his voice was carried away by the sea wind, and she heard him not.

Erebemlin held on tight, held Nimrodel's frail form, held on to Amroth's thoughts, Amroth's will. And Erebemlin waited.

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