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Every last one of them was so intent on the drama between Amroth and Nimrodel that no-one was watching him, not even the dog.

Amroth was walking with Nimrodel now and they were talking to each other. It was time. They were still estranged, he could tell, and all TharonwŰ had to do now was kill the blacksmith's body and Amroth would be marooned in the desolation of Nimrodel; both fŰar trapped in her aged body.

He walked on silent feet to the horses, grazing and tethered, and found Erebemlin's bow and a few arrows. What perfect irony, to kill the arrogant Lorien Elf with his own weapon. He tested the bow and studied the arrows. Pleased, he walked quietly back to the vale. When he had passed between the trees and had a clear view of Erebemlin and Amroth, he quietly, so quietly raised the bow and arrow and aimed, first at Amroth. He aimed for the neck; just a little bit above for the arrow would sink. He pulled back until the arrow string was at his ear, and let go, immediately putting another in place. The arrow flew true, piercing Amroth's - the blacksmith boy's - neck, through the jugular. Blood spouted like a fountain and fell all over Nimrodel. He released the next arrow. It flew and pierced Erebemlin in the neck even as Amroth fell over. Erebemlin lost his balance and grabbed for his neck and his fingers ran into the arrow. He turned and gave TharonwŰ a wrathful glare before chaos ensued.

The others reacted. Mithrellas the women who were on their feet, ran to the two stricken Elves. Even the blacksmith's sister raised her head to look in horror. Roy Edwards, Ădegard and the one called Ravion turned and saw him. He smiled, pleased with his deed and their astonishment and indignance. The men started toward him, but there was a sudden roar. Then TharonwŰ was knocked off his feet and found himself on his back, the dog's toothless mouth reaching for his neck. Even though the dog could do him no mortal harm, he was fierce in his attack. TharonwŰ reached for one more arrow to use as a minature javelin. He struck. The dog yelped, then his growl became even more fierce. TharonwŰ pulled the arrow back to pierce the dog again. Before he could, he felt hands grab his legs and arms. He knew it would end this way, but he had his revenge. He grinned at his captors.

But they were all looking away - including the dog. And he was standing there with a bow and two arrows in hand. And the young blacksmith was still bent over Nimrodel, and Erebemlin by his side, intent on their purpose, no wound on either neck. Did I only imagine it?


Raefindan who was Roy Edwards who was Imrazor stood holding Indil's hand, watching Mellondu with his physical eyes. With his inner eye he watched TharonwŰ, and knew his purpose, and thwarted it, and did not let TharonwŰ know how he had been thwarted; and closed his own mind from the Swamp Elf. He reached out to both Indil and Mithrellas with his thought, and told them what the Swamp Elf had intended, and imagined, and how he had stopped him; and how he had placed in TharonwŰ's thought that he had only imagined it. He told them that they must appear to be intent on Amroth as he was, for TharonwŰ would try a second time, and a third, and so on until he was defeated. Raefindan did not know how long it would take to checkmate the Swamp Elf, but he would play each turn depending on the Elf's move until the game was done.

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