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Bellyn thought of her dreams of Nimrodel, how she had found her in a desolate ridge, how her eyes had burned at first, then the hope had died. But before it had died she had asked Bellyn to tell her friends that she had not left off her quest.

It took all her courage, but Bellyn knelt down between Amroth and Erebemlin. She was not sure it was proper to do this, but she had promised Amroth many days ago that she would help him if she could. And now she remembered a song that she had sung for him, that he had liked so well, the one she had sung after which he had likened her to his very own Nimrodel in small ways. She wanted very much to give the gift back, and so opened her mouth and sang.

"We are pilgrims on a journey.
We are friends upon the road.
I will help you tread for miles;
I will help carry your load.

We will travel far from home now,
We will go where no one goes.
Hope remains when there is faith,
And our walking never slows.

If you grow tired I will help you!
We will keep each other strong.
Upon the road I met you,
On this road we do no wrong.

You tell your tales and laugh with us.
I listen as you sing for me!
We walk by day, sing at night,
Enjoying your company.

Companions on the sad journey,
Friends walking the hardest trail.
Some day we will reach the end,
'Til then our bond shall not fail.

We are pilgrims on a journey.
We are friends upon the road.
I will help you tread for miles;
I will help carry your load..."

"Lord," she said, "once in a dream she told me to tell you that she has not left off her quest; she still seeks you, even after she has lost all hope."

Peace flooded into Bella's mind. She stood upon a steep mossy bank, with golden leaves scattered across it; the wind played with them, sometimes tossing them down into the musical water below. Upon the wind was borne a song of such heartbreaking loveliness she wept to hear it, and turned into the breeze to search for it. She would have run to its source, were she not rooted by its silver beauty.

Indeed you refreshed me when all seemed lost. Indeed, you traveled with me, far from home; we went where no one goes-- here, to this stream. You carried my load; you helped me tread for miles; you were my friend upon the road. Your songs were my road here, to this clear cool harmony, Bella. Your voice brought me here again and again. Do you not see that you were rest for my soul? Hope returned to me when you strengthened my faith, by bringing me back to this singing silver stream.

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