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Gwyll and Aeron watched as Raefindan had Tharonwë thinking in circles. It was like watching a three ring circus. They looked at each other, surprised at the image in their minds, and laughed, then looked at Raefindan, for the thought had come from him, something from his own past and their future. A three ring circus! With trained mûmak on two legs and silly men with painted faces - one of which had a big angry scowl painted on his face - that was Tharonwë! They howled with laughter at the silly elf. But then they had had enough, and walked away from him.

They came to Amroth and Nimrodel, and looked within their thought and saw. Nimrodel, hopeless, lay in a heap of ash while Amroth stood by unable to reach her, hope and despair vying with each other in his mind.

"Let's go, Gwyll," said Aeron.

They came into the ash filled place.

"Don't wish us away," Aeron told Amroth, "we're supposed to be here, for you!"

Gwyll walked over to Nimrodel and tapped on her shoulder. "Wake up! Amroth is here! It's time to play games!"
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