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By the side of the stream, Avarien sat, and raised her eyes. The stream sings sadly of what once was; a tale of loss and woe. But this is not the song that Nimrodel rejoiced in long ago. Long ago... what did the stream sing long ago?

Taitheneb paced on the high flet. A far off cry seemed to reach him like a cold wind, and he felt the branch tips stirring, yet when he lifted his eyes all was still.


Nay. One who served her once, and does so again.

Taitheneb hesitated, listening, and hearing nought; searching the wind and finding nought, then reaching, reaching with his mind, til all his body tensed with the effort. He knew her not. But where she was, he knew.

Swiftly down the great mallorn, past the circle of white trees, and westward he ran, crossing the forest floor at his best speed. He came to the stream, the beloved stream, and stopped. There was no one there. He searched, and searched again, and then closed his eyes.

The mannish girl from the land of stone?

The unwilling elf laughed. Not she. Yet perhaps I was once like her.

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