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With a sigh, Amroth stroked Nimrodel's ash-grey hair. "You know the song, Silverstream. It lies deep within your heart."

Her withered lips moved, and her brow twitched. Nethwador watched, Erebemlin watched, many watched from within; but the king waited without.

Amroth raised his eyes, and met the gaze of the red-haired man.

"When we came, she was womanly in her madness. Not now. She is like... a child." His eyes wandered from Raefindan to Indil, and the little one came forward. The king touched the child's little chin, and shook his head, and then looked from Mithrellas to Indil, and knew that Angela was also.

Raefindan told him.

The king's weariness worried Indil, but she let the king study her. Raefindan spoke long with the king in thought, and then the king blessed Indil, and turned to Nimrodel again.

Do you not know the song of the stream?

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