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How would I know the song of a stream I do not know?

She turned to face him, tossed her head, and looked him full in his sea-grey eyes.

He froze, his heart racing; her gaze pierced him to his marrow, and he thought he should die for joy; yet her gaze was innocent, curious, with a trace of impertinence, and idle laughter. She knew him not. Tears sprang to his eyes as he looked into her heart; the anger and the hatred and the bitterness were all gone, but she knew him not. She knew him not.

Silver Song, do you not know who I am?

Nay, golden one, shimmering fair and proud as any elf. Yet tell me. What is the song that the stream sings? If I am to be the stream, I must know.

Dearest, you know. You know the song of the stream.

She shook her head. I do not. She turned to the others, and gazed at them one by one. Who among you knows the song of the stream? Speak, and be not silent. Or sing; sing it for me, that I may hear.
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