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Erebemlin searched his own heart, but he knew he did not remember Nimrodel's song. Almost he berated himself, but wisely refused; now was not the time for self-interest.

Nimrodel's handmaiden was nearby. "Mithrellas?"

"Nay. Her laments are burned into my heart, and her old joy is remembered only in her loss of it. She never sang it near me; she said it made her miss the stream too deeply. "

"We must seek elsewhere, then."

Gwyll and Aeron glanced at each other. Suddenly this game was life and death-- to learn the song of the stream.

Aeron stood back. Of course. It was more than life and death; it was her sanity, and somehow the quest turned on it.

Ravion looked up from holding Mellonin, and met Aeron's eyes. Where would they find the song? It was a thousand years old. Who knew thousand year old songs?

Mellonin spoke. "Taitheneb, tell me, where did she dwell?"

Not a thousand yards hence. We will go there.

Ravion's eyes widened; he had heard Taitheneb speak. That shocked him, for he knew the elf stood on the borders of Lorien by the stream. Yet more, he pondered; he had met the gaze of Aeron without a second thought. He searched the banks and did not see him. His head spun; but then, he looked down at Mellonin, and gazed into her eyes, and then closed his own; and there was Aeron, and Gwyllion, standing beside young Nimrodel-- silver and gold-- and golden Amroth.

Mellonin stood beside a different stream... a singing stream. NO, it was Avarien. But near her stood Taitheneb. And both seemed sad.

The banks have changed; the rocks are worn, and the stream floor is bright no longer, but dark with dead leaves.

The song is much changed.

I came hither for nought, then.

Yet stay, replied Taitheneb. Tarry yet a while.

She sat by the stream, and Taitheneb sat near her, wondering, amazed that she had faded so as to be invisible to his eye. But closing his eyes, he knew that many were near. He gazed from face to face, and waited.
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