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Indil kept singing for though she skipped she did not become breathless. The song never quite repeated the melody, but was everchanging like a clean flowing stream, yet like a cascading fall over rocks, parts of the melody repeated over and over again; thus Aeron and Gwyllion picked up the repeated notes as they danced. Even Jorje's barking and yipping found the same cascading notes.

While they sang and danced the ash began to change. It seemed to writhe at first, but began to take on color, turning green and reshaping as blades of grass and fronds of reeds. Then long stemmed flowers grew and the darkling gray of the enclosed place gave way to a growing light just at the edge of the land, and slowly began to light the sky.

But the singers and dancers paid it little heed save that it added to their play. The lithe Elf maiden did not tire and her face began to shine, for she began to pick up the same cascading notes of the children and the dog.
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