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There were things in the forest, Willem knew, that wished nothing but ill to those who entered beneath the old trees’ boughs. His intent was just a quick patrol to make sure they would be safe should they stay here for the night. He had gone some distance when his ears picked up the sound of voices calling loudly, to his right.

Now who are these, looking for Jessamy? he wondered, padding silently closer to the group.

The long, lean, brown bear lifted his snout and took a deep sniff-in of the three men. They smell alike, he thought, and like a heavier version of Jess’ scent. And a little afraid, too, though they work hard at hiding it.

Were these the brothers she had mentioned?

He watched as they examined the ground and then made ready to begin their hunt for their sister again.

They'll never find her! They're facing the wrong way.

Willem gave a low, reassuring growl, hoping the horses would understand he bore them no ill will. Within the shadows of the trees, he loped from one side of the trio, around them on the east, to the other side and back again, growling low in his chest – hoping to drive them in the direction of the caravan. The horses whickered and pawed the ground, the bear’s feral, dangerous scent conflicting with the more amiable message he had vocalized. In the end they were cajoled into taking the course the bear urged.
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