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Supper is Served

“Can I help you?” The query came from Ledwyn as she stood wringing the water from her hair by the fire. Saeryn glanced up at her as she piled trenchers onto her tray.

“No. You sit down. Anyone who spent their day in the rain, digging in all that mud, deserves a rest. Cerwyn and I can handle supper tonight.” It was perhaps an ambitious statement, but Saeryn felt they could do it. She looked over at Cerwyn as the young woman pulled two fresh loaves of bread out of the oven. Léof’s sister had proven herself to be capable and helpful, and Saeryn was grateful that she had come that day.

They prepared everything to take out into the hall, stacking the trays high. They sliced the bread and laid it in baskets.

There was a knock at the kitchen door. Saeryn glanced around quickly. Everyone was dressed and proper. She opened the door. Cnebba stood by.

“Eodwine sent me to inform you that the hall is ready.”

“You may tell him the food will be out directly.”

The ladies all lent a hand with bearing out the utensils and food for supper. Tray after tray was carried out and laid on the tables. There was a quiet but appreciative murmur as they laid their trays down and the stew began to be ladled out. Very little conversation sprang up for several minutes as the hungry men set into their well earned supper.
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