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White Tree

Breakfast was bread and tea with cheese. Mellondu was silent, and his red eyes told the family what kind of night he had spent. No one spoke much during the meal.

After the meal, Mother drew Mellondu aside once more, and softly asked how he had slept. He shook his head.

"You are still angry with the elven king, " she said.

He nodded, and Mother sighed. There was a long silence before Mother spoke again.

"What if the tables had been turned?" Mother replied. "What if you had been ordered to forsake all your own loves so that an elf could live? Would you have done so?"

"Is that not what Erebemlin is asking me to do now?" Mellondu answered bitterly.

Mother hesitated.

"You are taking the elf-king's side against your own daughter, " Mellondu said.

"Not so, " said Father. "You fail to see who it was that wronged Mellonin. Let us say I order you to remain in the city. If I threaten to kill the elf unless you obey me, where is the evil? With you? With the elf? Or with the one who threatens to kill?"

"But I could save the elf if I obey you, " Mellondu countered.

"I could save the elf and you by honoring the will of each. No, son, the evil lies with the tyrant who forces the choice."

"Small comfort if the other dies, " spat Mellondu through gritted teeth.

"And that, " said Father, "is why we must fight evil. Do you not see? Many have died needlessly because evil held sway. Lay the blame where it belongs: with the servants of evil, not with those who strive against them."

"And if Mellonin had died because of Amroth's refusal?"

Father's face was like stone. "Then Tharonwe's evil would have earned my vengeance."

"After you buried your daughter, " said Mellondu.

"Enough, " said Father. "The evil one, this Tharonwe, is now captive, and no doubt his mischeif is at an end. Mellonin will be safe at home, while you are roaming we know not where to serve these elves. I must now hope that I will not have to bury you." Father came face to face with Mellondu and spoke quietly. "You began this. I blame you not for desiring adventure; many do. But now you have it; finish what you have begun. Leave your sister safe at home, go, and earn your freedom from the elves." Father's face softened. "And then I hope that you will also come safely home."

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