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The streets of Minas Tirith were busy with its people preparing for the new day. The air was calm and cool, while the bright sun showed promise of warming the cheeks and raising the spirit. Two silver haired men stood outside a small wooden house. One of the men swept the walkway that led from his door to the narrow street, while the other scratched his straggling beard and gave his sagacious opinion on the goings on of the city. “Mark my word, Mayhew, that old Willheim will have to pay a mighty dowry to marry off that girl now.”

Mayhew nodded sagely and, leaning on his broom, opened his mouth to reply, but no words came. For at that moment, three tall and graceful beings stepped from the bustling street and walked toward the men.

“Pardon, kind sirs,” the smallest of the golden haired elves stepped forward. “Can you tell us where we might find a guard of the city?”

Mayhew’s eyes widened as he gazed into the faces of the three elves. He awkwardly bowed and dropped his broom, resulting in a startlingly loud clank. As he fumbled to pick it up, he replied, “Why yes, Master Elf --Elves, sirs. You will find Maladan at the second gate. Just take this roa…”

“Nay, Mayhew, you forget,” the other man pulled himself up to his full stature and addressed the elves. “Maladan will not be at his station until after the dinner bell today. Erugil is on duty this morning.”

“Yes, I remember now,” Mayhew scratched his head and looked back to the elves. “Erugil has just been assigned to watch the gate, before that he…”

The tallest of the elves cleared his throat.

“Oh, yes,” Mayhew coughed nervously. “That small street right over there, across from Miriel.”

The other man stepped up and interrupted. “That would be her unloading the apples from Aeridil‘s, that is, her father‘s, cart. He brings his goods into the city every…”

Again, the tall elf cleared his throat.

Mayhew threw his companion a sharp glance then pasted a smile onto his face. “If you follow that street, sirs, you will come just south of the gate.”

“We thank you, sir,” the smallest elf nodded to the men and joined the tall one as they began to walk toward the street.

“Yes, thank you both,” the third elf raised one of his eyebrows and slyly grinned. “May the wind continue to pour from your mouths.” Bowing, the elf joined the other two.

“Thank…” Mayhew began but stopped short as he considered what the last elf said. “What did he mean by that?”

The other man scratched his beard and shrugged.

The sun was well over the lower wall when Erebemlin arrived at the second gate with Taitheneb and Tharonwe. A young man dressed in a uniform, bearing the symbols of the new king, stood beside the large gate. “What may I do for you, Master Elf?” the guard asked as Erebemlin stepped forward.

“We desire counsel with King Elessar. Will you take us to him?”

The young guard looked curiously around the tall elf at the other two immortals and then returned his gaze to Erebemlin. “Please, excuse me, I will return with an answer to your request in just a moment.” The guard disappeared through a door on the right and muffled voices could be heard.

An older man walked through the small door and greeted the elves. Erebemlin introduced his companions and himself. The guard instructed the elves to follow him. Erebemlin nodded and the trio followed the guard throughout the city until they arrived at the highest level where the white tower stood. Erebemlin eyed Tharonwe closely. The swamp elf had come along too easily, knowing he would be handed over to the king.

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