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Amroth returned? Can such things be? Elessar considered the story of the Elf before him, and the slight, ever so slight, gape in his wife's expression suggested that she too found it an incredible tale- hardly one to be believed.

Yet Erebemlin spoke with the ring of truth. There was no deceit in him that Elessar could sense, no trace of falsehood in his movement or in his face. Even were it not true, he felt it to be true, and Elessar believed the Elf in front of him to be formidable enough in intellect and memory not to be so deceived.

And who, indeed, would invent such a tale?

Glancing at Arwen for agreement, Elessar put that matter from his mind. He had been asked to judge the case of Maegeleb- Tharonwë, Erebemlin had also called him. His duty as King was to bring justice to the Swamp-Elf, not to judge the validity of Amroth's return. Arwen nodded, barely. His decision was balanced.

"I do not doubt your word, good Marchwardens," Elessar addressed Erebemlin and Taitheneb. "Your testimony to the events in the Marshes I trust to be sure. But I cannot, in faith, sentence Maegeleb here without trial and full investigation. I shall, therefore, in light of your testimony, hold Maegeleb in the custody of Gondor until such time as I have collected all available facts concerning this matter, and may judge them in court. As justice dictates, I shall then sentence him to the punishment he deserves, or release him innocent of the crime."

Maegeleb nodded, his face unreadable, but a feeling of relief and gratitude directed at Elessar. Justice would be served.

Elessar beckoned one of the guardsmen who attended the throne, and had him call for others of his company to lead Tharonwë away to the prisons.

"I am sure that you wish to depart, and seek to reunite Amroth and Nimrodel as soon as may be," Elessar turned back to Erebemlin and Taitheneb, "but I would fain hear of your plans henceforth. What of this Mellondu? Amroth and he coexist, you say. Whither does he- or they- dwell now? And is he agreed to continue to help in this quest? For it seems to me that when Amroth is spoken of, Mellondu has been forgotten."
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