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Dinner cannot be but a sumptuous affair in the hall of the King of Gondor. Even the simplest of fares are prepared by the finest cooks in the realm. So though Elessar and his queen ate but a light, cold meal with their Elven guests the quality thereof was incomparable to any other meal of similar foods that they might have found elsewhere in Gondor.

The interest in the food and polite small talk pertaining to the weather and to news of Lˇrien and the state of affairs in Gondor occupied them until Elessar pushed his plate away from him, finished save but for a few crumbs, and addressed Erebemlin.

"You were speaking, before Maegeleb was taken away, of Amroth, and how he dwells in this Mellondu. I believe, though you will tell if it is in truth or not, that you were about to share some misgivings about his presence in Mellondu."

"You are correct, Lord King," said Erebemlin. "Amroth is more remote. More difficult for me to reach. During our quest, he was in near-complete control of things, but since our encounter with TharonwŰ... well, I fear that he has been suppressed by Mellondu."

Elessar frowned, and glanced at Arwen. She gave him an unknowing, troubled look.

"I would meet with this Mellondu, if I may," he said, turning back to the Elves. "If he is native to this city, then he is a subject of mine, and I would meet the man who has befriended a long-dead Elvenking. And, possibly, I may help you draw your king out of the deep place Mellondu has cast him into- or at least help you to better understand why he is there."

"Mellondu is, as you say, your subject," said Erebemlin. "He is yours to command."

"As you are Amroth's." Elessar nodded. "But I would command him with love, and not power- as Amroth commands you. And, I presume, as you command this quest."

"Amroth commands this quest, Lord Elessar, not I," Erebemlin was quick to reply. "And in some cases there are no bonds of love on which to draw."

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