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The Lorien elves bowed their heads to the king of Gondor, thanked him for his kindness, and departed the great hall. Elessar sent a guard of his tower with them as a guide in the city as they made their way to the blacksmith’s home. While they traveled, Erebemlin wondered if Elessar would be able to do as he said and possibly bring the elven king forth. The elf had more faith in the strength of the Queen for such a task. Yet, a mortal will understand another mortal better than I am able.

Taitheneb was sensitive his leader’s thoughts and was hopeful. “The king is wise, Silmaethor. Surely he will be able to reach the boy and persuade him to let Amroth free.”

Erebemlin did not respond immediately as he remembered the words of Marigold. Are they not his feet to follow his own path? The tall ellon lowered his voice, “The boy is filled with anger. I am afraid he will not relax his control for fear of the king’s power.”

Taitheneb nodded, his brow furrowed. “I wonder if he is able to let go of that control, and if he did…”

“What would the shape and fire of our king be?” Concern was written in the elder elf’s stern face. “Did you…” Erebemlin paused a moment, then began again. “Did you feel and hear the Lord Amroth while we were lunching?”

“Nay, mellon.” The younger elf’s eyes widened a bit with piqued interest. “What did you feel?”

Erebemlin remembered the despair in his king’s call and the darkness that overcame him. “It was as though his heart quailed.” Rubbing his forehead, Taitheneb could see the contact had been distressful for his elder. “I could smell death around him. The stench…and darkness…”

“My lord, why did you not speak up when you felt him?” Taitheneb was surprised Erebemlin would keep this to himself.

“What good would have come from telling the mortal king that I felt Lord Amroth descend into darkness?" Erebemlin began to raise his voice, then whispered through clenched teeth. "He would have just believed that Amroth had departed,” His eyes flashed with passion. “And I know he is still there.”

Taitheneb felt pity for the Silmaethor. He wanted to believe that Amroth would return, not for the sake of the quest, but to heal the heart of his friend and leader.

The elves walked in silence for the remainder of the journey down through the city until they, at last, reached the humble home of the blacksmith. Erebemlin strode forward and knocked on the small wooden door, then stepped back and waited for the inhabitants to answer.
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