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Outside their apartment, down the stairs, and into the street, they found Erebemlin and Taitheneb waiting a stone's throw from the building. Erebemlin looked impassive as usual; Taitheneb nodded a greeting to Father and to Mellondu. Father bowed his head to each elf, and they turned to walk up the street. Occasionally they caught sight of Mellonin until she turned aside at the door to The Seventh Star, with a wave and a smile.

As the four continued, winding their way up the city in midday, curious eyes followed them-- old man, young man, tall impassive elf, younger friendly elf.

Father tried to make some small conversation with the elves, learning from Taitheneb that many elves had sailed, and Lothlorien was growing quiet and sad. After that Taitheneb fell silent; but Mellondu suddenly turned to Erebemlin and spoke.

"Why involve the King in this? And why could I not be trusted to speak for myself? Did I not agree to join your quest? Did I not agree to serve you until you deem that my life debt is paid? Why did you do this?"

Erebemlin shook his head. "I did nothing. This desire came from the King, and not from me."

Mellondu halted, his jaw working. Such a thought had not crossed his mind.

"The King wants to see me?"

"Nay," said Erebemlin, "the King wants to see Amroth. Whether he gets his wish is yet to be seen."

The anger on Mellondu's face drained away, replaced by weary ire. "I see, " he said, but the edge had left his voice. Father's face was like flint. Erebemlin marched steadily along. Taitheneb's face was turned away. A few paces later, Father asked the elves some question about archery, but after that the group fell silent. It seemed to Mellondu that only moments passed before they were at the doors to the great hall.

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