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alak's post

Word came to the prisons of Minas Tirith that a new captive was approaching.
The event, in and of itself, was not surprising. The small cells were
often full with those who chose to break the peaceful laws of the city.
Those individuals were usually petty thieves or drunken brawlers who were
held until sober. What had piqued the interest of Iorgil, the young
watchman whose duty it was to guard the prison cells this day, was that the
messages told that an elf was being brought to the prisons. The young man
had seen the immortal folk from a distance and had been in the presence of
the Queen, on a rare occasion, but he felt a mixture of anxiety and
curiosity about being so close to one. And what could an elf possibly do to
earn himself lodging in the White City’s prisons? That is what perplexed
Iorgil more than anything else did. Were not elves virtuous and upright?

Footsteps could be heard in the corridor and the young guard rose from his
seat to watch the cell door open. The dark-haired elf slowly entered and
then the door shut with a loud clank. Iorgil’s eyes widened when he saw the
noble being. For that was how the elf appeared to the young man…noble. He
was tall with slender, regal features and smooth, white skin. Iorgil
stepped slowly down the hall toward the cell to obtain a better look. He
could only see the back of the elven figure as the elf was surveying his new
surroundings, bending and looking beneath the bedding. The elf stood and
turned toward the cell door and the young guard caught his breath. The
elf’s perfectly formed lips were curled up in disgust and nostrils were
flared. Iorgil watched the shining eyes before him flash when they landed
on him and a sickly sweet smile form across the fair elven face.
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