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thanks everyone for being so understanding. I'm just wiped out tonight, I can't even wrap my brain on the idea of a post. I will however post tomorrow after I get home, no matter how tired I am. I will write it up at work. I will have Bunny waking up and meeting Tansy on the stairs, I will bring us to talking about supplies and then perhaps Tansy can bring up Peony and we can get her involved.
If we can in the mean time get Hugo, Rudy and Mira to buckland. They can all intrude into Tansy and Bunny's storyline at any time. Have them show up in time for a meal or what not. Have them show up this day if you like, you can pretend that they left a bfew days before. How long does it take to get to Buckland from where you all are?
also Brown can come in at any point. He is going to visit Tansy's brother, right? and he was fairly close,So he can show up any time too. it might make the posts flow a little bit more if we have more people involved together.
grand return?........
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