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Hmmmmm. I think we need a few more reasons for people to join. I know Bunny would not care for so many people to come at first. She has snuck away from her family to do this and she would want that to be kept secret at least for awhile. I could see her asking Peony to go since she is a young female Hobbit and companinship would be had between the three women. But I can't see why we would ask Brown to come with us. Perhaps Rudy could ask him to come? We could also have no choice to take Hugo and Rudy, seeing as Mira has decided to come no matter what (I hope that's ok Finduilas) and Rudy and Hugo come to look out for her. Do I have this right? I figured Mira could overhear a conversation Tansy and Bunny have. What does everyone think?
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