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Hey people!

I've thought about the story and I came up with two possibilities:

1 - a not-so-good hobbit (a Sackville, perhaps?) that follows the group because he knows (and envies) one of the characters and thinks he's up to something. He could enter in the first opportunity the group reaches something vaguely valuable (after all, this could be anything... even something completely useless). Then he could just keep following (and the others eventually accept him)... Or maybe it'll be too dangerous to come back and the rest of the group shows him some mercy. Iím not thinking of a really bad characterÖ just a misguided, greedy hobbit, one that could learn much searching for Entwives.

2 Ė A Bogsworth (maybe a cousin or something like that) who goes after Tansy after she goes adventuring. I donít know what youíre thinking about what she will tell her family, but maybe thatís an option.

Right now, I think (1) would be more interesting, but Iím a beginner and maybe (2) could be easier to role-play. And, of course, Iím still open to any other suggestions.

Of course I donít want to hold back the storyline, and if you think any of my options could be a problem, please say so.
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