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Conspirators – Agents of Sauron, the conspirators entered the Ward to destroy it from within. Their mission is simple: Crush the morale of Minas Tirith, and ensure the city falls before reinforcements arrive.

The conspirators may only converse during Night phases. Each Night, they choose one person (by sending me a PM), to whom they whisper dark thoughts. Once demoralized by the conspirators, a patient lives through the Day, but if not treated, succumbs to their despair during the next Night and dies the following Dawn. (Example: Sally is targeted Night 2. I am notified of this by PM at the start of Day 3, and am dead at the start of Day 4.)

Bard – Though just as susceptible to the Black Breath, the bard wanders the streets, tirelessly spreading good cheer to those in the Ward. Each Night, the bard chooses one person whose morale they will boost. Should the conspirators whisper dark thoughts in this person's ear, they will be ineffective and no change in condition will occur.

The bard can never target themselves and may not cheer the same person twice in a row.

Herbalist – The herbalist is able to reduce the effects of the Black Breath by creating a soothing brew from rare herbs. One leaf of said herb will bring someone back from the brink of despair, returning them to their previous state. Since the Ward is locked, the herbalist's supply is limited, and they are the only one who is capable of administering the herbs.

The herbalist may brew during both Day and Night phase, but their picks must be submitted one hour prior to the deadline in order to be valid. The herbalist is not required to choose a target during each phase. They are allowed to treat themselves, and they may heal the same person as many times in a row as they wish, but they have a finite number of herbs (which will be determined by the final size of the village) and can only assist one person per phase.

Note: If the herbalist treats someone on the same Night they are targeted by the conspirators, the herbs have no effect, as the person is not officially under the effects until the morning.

Quarantine Patients – Residents of Minas Tirith, they wish only to survive until reinforcements arrive. If demoralized by the conspirators during the Night, a patient will be informed at the start of the Day (via private message) that they are in danger of succumbing to the Black Breath.

Coroner (optional role) – Accustomed to death and disease, the coroner is a particularly curious quarantine patient. Should they run across a corpse before it is disposed of, they are able to tell the cause of death. Each Night, the coroner sends a name; if that person has expired during the Night phase, the coroner is able to tell if their target was a victim of the Black Breath or if they were dispatched by the guards.

The coroner may only send a pick during the Night phase, and is not required to send a pick each Night if they don't want to do so. Rather than receiving a PM with this information, the manner of death (election by the Ward representative or victim of the Black Breath) will be disclosed in that Dawn's narration.

Note: The coroner's ability only functions on someone who is about to expire. If the coroner checks on someone on the same Night they were targeted by the conspirators, no information will be imparted.

Additional Note: I am considering the possibility of letting the coroner decide/change their alignment, hence the idea of making their findings public knowledge. I encourage feedback on all aspects of this role, and will detail it further in the event we have enough players.


Unlike most games of Werewolf, each Day phase will consist of a vote not to eliminate a resident, but to choose someone to deliver the nightly report to the guards at the Ward gates.

The representative informs me (by private message) of one person they wish to have removed from the Ward. During the Night, the target will be dispatched; like with those who succumb to the Black Breath, no body will be left as evidence, leaving no indication of whether the person was a conspirator or a victim.


The conspirators win under two conditions:
1. Their numbers are greater than the other inhabitants of the Ward. (They must outnumber the villagers, not just have an equal number.)
2. They eliminate both the bard and the herbalist, and at least one of them is still in the Ward when reinforcements arrive.

The Ward is evacuated safely under two conditions:
1. All conspirators are eliminated before reinforcements arrive.
2. Either the bard or the herbalist is still alive when reinforcements arrive, and the population of innocent souls in the Ward either outnumbers or equals that of the conspirators.


This game relies heavily on the unknown. Speculation and hints are encouraged, but no one may reveal as a particular role, regardless of the validity of their claim. Anyone who reveals their role or any other privileged information will be modfired; again, this is regardless of whether or not they are telling the truth. (Those elected as Ward spokesperson may share their choice with the group, though they are not required to be truthful about their target or their reasoning.)

Votes have to be highlighted (use the tag [highlight*]vote[/highlight*] without the asterisks) in order to count. Any votes not submitted by the deadline (i.e. those with a time stamp of XX:01 or later) will not be counted, but will also not count toward absenteeism. Votes are not retractable.

Failure to vote for two consecutive days without any notice or reasoning will result in severe Sally disappointment (and also modfire).

In order to minimize risk of the curse spreading, only one of you can report to the guards at a time. In the event of a tie, the guards will not receive their report in time and there will be no elimination.

All picks must be submitted one hour prior to deadline. I can provide my FB/e-mail to all necessary parties in case my PM box gets full.

The deadline is negotiable, but will likely be around 5pm Central (11pm GMT).


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