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Sting Support Group: Fighting post-RotK blues

Okay, I may be starting just a little early (five hours, for the midnight viewers, and fourteen hours for me), but I know it's going to be a very tough problem for a great many of us after the movie is over. It's going to be terribly sad! For the past three years, the Christmas season has meant several things: break from school (for some of us), Christmas (duh), and the excitement and joy of a new Lord of the Rings movie.<P>Now it's all going to be over. Yeah, we'll have the DVD, and the Extended Edition to look forward to, and maybe The Hobbit. But what then? It's just going to be sad! This has been going on for going on three to four years now! <P>But there is hope, namely, we can all look forward to the up and coming Narnia series. Think seven movies! That'll take up another sizable chunk of our lives, if it gets to be as big as LotR has.<P>Who's going to feel blue?
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