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Lola Revisited

Finally recovering his vague sense of direction, Dracomir Apparated to the Lady Spymaster's office. Just because he could.

He found the door half open - someone had obviously just entered - and edged his way in behind them. He then recoiled, clutching his delicate shell-like ears, as a vast blond fellow bellowed something about tea.

Reeling from the effects of noise pollution, Tom threw out an arm to steady himself, and picked himself up against the desk. He then found that he was looking straight at Lola...who was apparently being winsome to the blond yodeller.

Dracomir coughed, swallowed, assumed a look of immense haughtiness and and regarded the pair icily.

"Nice to see things being carried on so professionally," he remarked. "Where's Ms Martinet? Or better still, Alli? Alli and I need to talk about...important matters on which the fate of Mordor depends. And which are not to do with tea."

He looked the stranger up and down. Fine, so he was bigger than him, had more muscles, but Tom's blond hair was much nicer, he was certain, than that bumpkin's locks. What could Lola see in him?

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