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Alli peeked through the hole in the curtains and whispered something that sounded an awful lot like "Aimé, this is completely moronic! Let me out." But Aimé insisted she stay still. There was a suspicious character in the hallway of the inn they had walked into, and Aimé was eager to question him.

"Well, well, good evening sir" Aimé sneered.

"Ah, it is that, lad, it is that. Why I've just been out for a lovely stroll round...."

"Blabbering about nothing already, are we?" Aimé thundered, visibly shocking the stranger. "It's an act, an act I say! My, sir! How hairy you are!"

The man tugged his shaggy beard, alarmed.

"And what big nails you have!" he yelled, eyeing the man's unkempt hands.

"And what large teeth you have!" By this stage the man had marched off and out of the corridor, shaking his head all the while.

Alli stepped out from behind the curtain with a look of slight (or sheer) bafflement. "Are you going to do this to every buck-toothed joe we come across?" The question was clearly rhetorical; Aimé guessed that Alli had other, more subtle, plans for wolf-hunting.

"This will not be as easy as that" she said quietly.

"Nevertheless, you shall need to hide. We need a place where no-one will think to look for you" replied Aimé, with a small smile. He had obviously relished getting back into the swing of loud, obnoxious accusations.
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