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Anakron was most intrigued by the obvious interest of Skittles's cat for Sylvester, atop his raised and threatening staff, but was not so distracted as to miss Igör's query.

"I did overhear the Dwarf, Minotaur and Barrow Wight discussing werewolves. When I asked them about it they did not so much as deign to fake having heard me. The nerve. Konvey."

Sylvester yowled. Hissyfit spat. Igör said "ouch", and rubbed his rolling eye.

Anakron did not know how he knew such things, but this most recent konveyance apparently had given Igör an astigmatISM. In the rolling eye.

"Ugh. I can't see," said Igör. "Leastways, not as clear as afore."

"You hind part of an ape," Skittles said, "that's your dead eye."

"Apparently no longer," Anakron murmured.

Igör got a weird look on his face. Well, it was actually a smile, but on Igör it looked weird. He started jumping up and down. "I can see! I can see! Badly."

Just then Hissyfit jumped onto Anakron's staff, hissing, and started clawing his way up toward Sylvester.

"Keep that Hithy cat away from me!" yelled Sylvester.

to be continued. Join us same place, same time, same day next week as we learn the fates of Sylvester and Hissyfit. Will Hissyfit become the new cat atop Anakron's staff? Will Sylvester start talking to nobody but Skittles? Will Skittles hit the Dwarf? Will the Dwarf run off a cliff? Join us next time to get the answers to all these questions and much much more in the exciting next episode of.... Crackes and feedback drown out the sound of the name of the show.

"Cut!" cried Samę Blather. "Must be some confounded feedback from the mountain. Everybody, from the top."


Anakron looked dourly at Blather and yelled, "Konvay!"

"Ahhhhh!" Blather was hit with a serious dose of asceticISM, changed his name to Diffay Runt Blather, and founded a monastery for former Mordorian teevee directors. Word was that it was a hit.

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