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Anakron raised his Sylvestrian staff, much to the interest of Hissyfit, and said, "Konvay!" at the bliddy Dwarf who was suddenly beset by a bad but very suitable case (he was after all a Dwarf) of nepotISM.

Satisfied, Anakron turned away and watched the Minotaur and Barrow Wight, to see if they would incur his wrath.

"I say, old chap," rattled the boney Barrow Wight, "lot of rubbish about 'isms', what?"

"The dweomer does as it does," Anakron replied.

"Where's your girlfriend?" asked Skittles. "Did you hit her with fetishism? Hissyfit! Come here and leave Sylvester alone!" She watched the cat with apparent fascination. "I don't care if he keeps on lisping at you!" Anakron raised an eyebrow and consciously ignored the warmistress, distracting himself by the entertainment of the Dwarf who was apparently growing sons from his forehead.

"Oucht!" cried the Minotaur. "That hath to hurth!"
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