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"No Istari!"

"Hello, Panakeia."

Hello Panakeia? That wasn't part of the chant. Who dared to interrupt? Panakeia turned to glare at the intruder and recognized Anakron hovering next to her. His staff was raised.

Knowing that Anakron couldn't possibly have come to join the protest, Panakeia ignored him.

"What do we want?" she shouted.

The crowd boomed, "No Istari!"

"When do we...what do you want?" Anakron was tapping her on the shoulder. Interrupting again. Panakeia decided to find out why so that the protest could continue.

"What is this all about?" he asked.

"We're protesting the Blue Istari, of course."

"It won't do you any good, you know. I'm evil. Irritating the Istari with this protest won't change that."

Panakeia smirked at Anakron and put her arms akimbo, nearly burning a hole in her dress with a lit cigarette that had mysterious appeared betwixt her fingers. That was Anakron's doing, no doubt.

"You really think that this is all about you, don't you? How typical. You think a woman couldn't possibly do something on her own without the motive of getting a man. Egotistical male chauvinist behavior."

Anakron groaned at the effect of his latest ISM konveyance. Radical feminISM.

"Let me tell you something, oh Mister High and Mighty Grand Anakronist. This has nothing to do with you. I don't need you or your approval. You are such a square." She held her index fingers in front of her face and traced the shape in the air. As Anakron suddenly gaped, she took a puff on her cigarette and blew the smoke in his face. Panakeia gagged on the fumes, then put her hands back on her hips and stared at Anakron with more smug self-satisfaction than ever.

A call came from someone in the crowd. "White-all! March on White-all! Down with the Istari! Down with the Anakronist! March!"

The werehippies scattered to the park exits and waved their signs in the air. "No Istari! No Istari!" As the protesters moved away, Panakeia turned to follow, deliberately ignoring her former flame.

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