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Personally I have tried to embrace this era of cinematic super-people (arguably P.J.'s adaptations, especially his elvish shenanigans, are influenced by them), but mostly they leave me cold. I enjoyed Avengers through the lens of being an old Whedon fan, but even the latest one just sort of clanked away by the end of its busy CGI climax. I sort of miss the frail human-sized (and hobbit-sized) heroes of yesteryear. Which only goes to show, different strokes for different folks.

To the point of the thread: I am, elf-like, both sad and -- well, I can't say elated, maybe relieved is a better word -- that the films are now complete. Yes, it was basically all down hill after the (arguably!) middling watermark set by FotR EE, but even so. For a while there practically the whole world dreamed a dream of Middle-earth, and it was kind of beautiful. If truly irredeemable Hobbit films are the price I had to pay for the years of friendships and fun I've been able to enjoy here, then I came out on the rich end of that exchange for sure.
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