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Aeron felt a chill creep up his back when he heard the news the ranger brought. The women had left the safety of the White City. Gwyllion had been right. Surely they would see sense and abandon this madness. They wouldn't leave the women in the wilderness, would they?

The elf did not think so. With a cold, "Now excuse me," he had turned away to tend to the bags.

Aeron stepped in front of him, chin held high. "Is that all you have to say?"

The elf stepped around the boy and began to pack.

"Gwyllion was right, they are gone. You cannot just...just...forsake them! They're only ladies, they do not know how to survive."

"We have our charge, Aeron," Ędegard said.

"You're all mad," Aeron whispered. "I do not know much of history, but I have heard half stories whispered by firesides and people in the street. Feanor had his oath and he kept it. And if the stories I heard were true, it did not end well because of it."
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