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Raefindan was confused by Indil's dream. Mellondu and he knew the woman Indil had dreamed of. And it was in the mountains. The only women he and Mellondu knew of were associated with their ever growing party of questers: Bella, Leafa, and Mellonin. But none of these were associated with mountains.

After Indil had wandered off to Bergil, Raefindan asked Mellondu what he thought of the dream, and he admitted that it made no sense to him. He turned the question back upon Raefindan, who shared his thoughts, limited and unuseful as they seemed to him.

"Aye," Mellondu said, tossing pebbles one after another at the stone pavement where they sat, "it makes no sense to me either. But I think it must be one of those three. Maybe it has to do with where they are now, in the mountains. Do you think that might be it?"

"It could be." Raefindan was leaning his elbow on his knee, and chin resting on his hand. "Maybe we ought to ask her what was happening to the woman she dreamed of."

"That seems well."

"Leave it to me, then," Raefindan said, standing up. He wandered off in search of Bergil and Indil.
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