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How indeed? thought Raefindan. It was a most pertinent question, and he could not recall having put it to himself in quite that way before; he had simply accepted these dreams as part and parcel of his current milieu. But that was because he knew of another one. Indi did not have any other milieu than this. (Even as he thought this, it felt not quite right in some way, but he didn't know what to do with such an odd sensation, so he dismissed it.)

"Do you think that it is strange to dream of someone you don't know?"

She nodded, her wide eyes holding his. "Don't you, Raefindan?"

"Well, until this moment I didn't, but maybe it is strange. I really don't know a good answer to your question, Indil." He was not about to suggest to her that someone was putting dreams in her head, for it might scare her; but he suspected that it was so.
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