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Raefindan stared at Aeron, stunned. It was so clear suddenly. "Now why couldn't I see that connection before?" He looked at Indil again. "Tell me, Indil, do you remember the color of their hair? These two women?"

"That is why I think they are two and not one," she said, wide eyed. "One had hair like the sun and the other had hair like the night sky."

"Have you ever dreamed of them before?"

Raefindan was worried that he might be scaring the girl with his sudden intensity, and tried to keep his posture and face relaxed. Aeron watched the girl too, seeming just as eager as Raefindan felt. Raefindan considered that Aeron had dreamed about this girl, so that had to count for something.


Jorje raced back through the woods, not even stopping to drink at the rushing streams of water he passed. He came to the place of the aroo man and stopped, his tongue lagging in the breeze. He sniffed the air. The aroo man wasn't far. He was up the slope! Jorje scrambled up and the man came within both smell and sight. The man marked Jorje's presence and gave a slight nod. Jorje barked. The man looked at Jorje. He barked again and made as if to run headlong toward the new woman's place, then stopped, looked back, and barked with as much urgency as he could. The man stared. Jorje repeated his dance again. Would the man understand? How long would it take before he did? What if he didn't? Jorje barked again, his tail standing out straight behind him instead of wagging. This was too hunt for tail wagging.
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