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Originally Posted by Kuruharan View Post
Yep, I'm still kicking.

I've been playing WoW, Guild Wars (Guild Wars 2 looks like it will be awesome, btw) and single player games.

I haven't even logged in since LOTRO went f2p. What do you think of how the game is now?
F2P is, from my perspective, a disaster. Aside from Enedwaith, there is not actually any new content. Somehow turning Helegrod into a skirmish-like instance is suddenly new content to players who have had none since Mirkwood. I don't know what that means for long-term new content. Maybe they'll just keep redoing instances and adding increased radiance to old items that have been recolored as a 'reward' for those instances.

Dynamic Layers are somewhat of a pain when you experience minute you are in Bree with other players, the next minute you've been sent into a new layer and few, if any, other players are visible. It's supposed to reduce lag, but it's mostly just annoying.

I haven't paid much attention to anything else, since I've given up on playing like I used to.
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