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Originally Posted by CaptainofDespair View Post
Turbine has promised to take a closer look at some of the annoying features of the game (like radiance, the legendary item time-sink, etc).

I'm shocked to see that they are willing to admit that those were all horribly implemented...especially considering that they *still* (years later) haven't officially admitted that a "little" thing like the troll/ranger session play thing was a complete fiasco.

I shudder to think what "new" or "innovative" ideas they have for Rohan, as all of the choices they've made on gameplay and features since SoA concluded have been major blunders.
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Originally Posted by Morthoron View Post
Humorously, the Turbine motto is 'powered by our fans'. They do not know who their fans are, nor do they care.
Truer words were never spoken. They really are a joke of a development studio at this point. I am officially coming out and saying that I hope they go belly up and that somebody else can get the Tolkien license...although my level of confidence in most game developers is pretty low.

I personally think that the whole move to f2p across the board in MMOs is caused by most developers not having a clue how to make quality products and their incompetence is being shown by the hordes of small time people who are making small f2p games that are better in quality to almost anything being put out by a big name studio.
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