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A suggestion about possibly a new part of the RPG section: in the future, maybe there could be a section of RPGs especially for slightly less Tolkien orientated RPGs?
As a lover of the RPG's on the barrow downs, I don't like the idea of it. But since people want it badly, maybe it is an idea to try one at Middle Earth Mirth. Just to see how it goes. I think that if it is less middle earth related, it should still be bound to most of the rules of the RPGsection. So they can draw lightsabers, but not defeat an army of 200 orcs by themselves. (this considering the no superhero character rule)

Just an example. Of course it could prove a great laugh, but it should be well discussed, planned and guided by someone experienced, Rimbaud, or Mithadan for example.

Abedithon le
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