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muffin_goddess has just left Hobbiton.

David Eddings-his stuff is quite brillig

David Gemmel-Eddingsish but more um... explicit in some of the ummm.... personal scenes

Redwall Bookies-Wow cutesie little mousies, squizzels, and moles saving the abbey its sooo sweet (lots of crying involved)

Phillip Pullman-all of them (not quite so much crying but at the end of ruby in the smoke and amber spyglass tears are shed)

Harry Potter-I have just recently "come out" as a fan, books quite good really after severe doubt and negotiation with brother he didn't keep his side but now I am Harry Potter fangirl *sigh*)

Deptford Mice- more mousie books very cute and lots of crying

Just recently (a couple of hours ago) started reading the Hobbit, lent to me by Fran (stubborn friend who refuses to see or read anything lotr) is v v v v good considering I'm 20 pages in, (watching hornblower on TV and have no time to read)
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