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Galadriel55 is wading through snowdrifts on Redhorn.Galadriel55 is wading through snowdrifts on Redhorn.Galadriel55 is wading through snowdrifts on Redhorn.
"Four!? That's barely a pound, as small as they are. If it was a plain loaf I might consider six, but a loaf like this? They tell me the Queen herself prefers my loaf above all other market breads, and you would ask me to take just four tiny apples in recompense?" The woman was clearly angry about this, but her eyes twinkled somewhere deep inside.

Ghalakrėd was about to give her answer when she was interrupted by a commotion behind her. A hen, making a bid for freedom, was flapping its wings wildly trying to escape a boy who was wildly flapping his arms at the fugitive. When they were gone, everything was covered in feathers and dust. Everything, except for the breads and cakes that the woman timely covered with a cloth.

A man came over to the stand. The baker asked him to wait so that she and Ghalakrėd could decide on the price. "You mistook me," Ghalakrėd said calmly, "I do not think that your bread is worth that little to equal four of my apples. I am not one of those who triple the price of my wares. Yet I also do not think that it is worth thirty fruit. The Queen of Gondor may have a taste for your cakes, but that does not make the one this mule ate more precious. I say that a dozen or so will be enough to repay my debt. I will need a basket to put these in for now; I cannot hold twelve of them at once."

Meanwhile, the donkey, understanding that under the watch of two tough ladies he won't be able to grab another delicious loaf from the sill, turned to watch the strange man that came close. He was a curious man. The donkey didn't fathom why the ladies were making such a fuss out of nothing, and he didn't really care. But the man was intriguing him. His clothing was all funny. The donkey took a tentative step towards him - let the women argue! Then a few more steps. He almost touched the man with his muzzle when a sharp word from his mistress brought him up short and made him retreat, pushing the cart into its previous place.
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