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Perhaps because I just finished reading The Way of the World in one class, and am covering Shakespeare in another, but I have a strongly Elizabethan/pseudo-Restoration image in mind. Perhaps the Restoration image works better, culturally, insofar as it was an era of peace and the flowering of the arts after a harsher, turbulent period--that and it allowed women on the stage (though it might be fun to use Elizabethan men-only rules in 4th Age Gondor, the co-ed version seems more manageable--and as canonical as what little we know goes).

Anyway, I was thinking, originally, when Mnemo first approached me, that I might sign up for the handyman/stage manager/props maker character--an older man, in his 50s (who would thus have been a young man during the War of the Ring, a veteran of the Pelennor and other battles), and I'm still calling dibs.

However, I wondered if the question of a patron might lead me in another direction. Working off the Renaissance model, it seems likely to me that some noble or other in Gondor would probably be the financial backer of the play--some patron of the arts (otherwise ignorant of how they work). While this might lead in a direction that would help replace the name, "The King's Players," would it be too forward of me to want to place said noble (instead of/as well as the above handyman)?
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