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On fixity or transhumance...

1). Having a patron does not necessarily mean that the players don't travel. There are some troupes around Shakespeare's time who finally "made it big" when they settled in town, and they called themselves by their patron's name even when they were still travelling.

2). The more "settled" the troupe is, the more advance notice we would have had of the Royal Guests. Which isn't necessarily a big deal, given that the event which sparks this whole thing is finding out that the Court is attending. After all, the King was there, and we've never bothered with that before.

3). We're still only 20 years into the Fourth Age, so there doesn't have to be a fixed pattern yet. One highly conventional way to go would be, if the final product is good enough, secure the Crown's (or a different noble's) patronage and thus become Minas Anor's first permanent group.

Taking other threads by the numbers...

Originally Posted by Bethberry
Is the game to be, say, a rehearsal for the show, with ensuing hilarity about how to correct historical inaccuracies? Or is it to be about how the players find out about the real history?
Up to us, I'd say. But we have one to two weeks in-game to figure it out, so I don't see why both wouldn't work. Say, on the first day we're still outside the city, run through the rehearsal, on the second day one of us bumps into Elanor, on the third day a messenger from the Court shows up, and then we have eleven days to find out what's inaccurate, decide what to change, and then make and rehearse the changes. Then on the last to second-to-last day we'd do the revised (if it's revised) performance, with all the pompous types coming down? That was the fuzzy idea I had in my head, but if people want to make it more about one thing than the other then we should do that.

Anguirel, I'm currently thinking that the canons should be NPCs, and that whoever has to interact with them will write them for that interaction. And of course you're welcome to introduce as many flaky cameos as you'd like.

Formy, the mechanical dragon that always breaks would be a real delight. And Amdir looks great. Another idea to incorporate him into the Players' past is that, if we put on multiple shows while at Minas Anor, it might be helpful to have a temporary stage of sorts. So even if you haven't been travelling with us, you might have helped with building sets in the past.


Originally Posted by Anguirel
Your bloke has combat experience in the actual war; that seems dangerously close to knowing the truth!
Given the number of times Pippin had to explain that, no, he wasn't really the Prince of the Halflings, and no, he hadn't promised Denethor an army of hobbits that would be showing up with Rohan, I don't think we have anything to worry about on that count.

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