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"What are we doing today, mum?" Cnebba asked.
"Are we starting the construction work?" Garmund guessed.
"Yes, the contsruction, or at least the carrying of the wood or stone or what they're going to build the hall of will begin today.
"Stone?" Garmund asked, "Are they going to the scar?"
"How could I know?" Modtryth replied, smiling wryly.
"Can we go with them if they go?" Cnebba asked.
"No. The men have more important work than looking after you. Besides, there's plenty of work here at the camp and you're needed."

The boys gave each other a grudging look. "It's settled", Modtryth said firmly. She was not going to make amends. However, she was slightly concerned if the boys were going to do as they were told. Better to keep them busy today.

"Now, off you go, unless you wish to help me with hauling water? But don't go anywhere far, for you might be needed soon." The boys ran away quickly. Modtryth couldn't help smiling.

Her smile faded when she remembered the discussion last night. She had not said to Stigend about projecting his own hopes to the boy. It had not felt appropriate at that time, but now she thought she should have mentioned it. Well, the next time there's talk about it...

She was coming back with the water buckets, when she saw something. Cnebba and Garmund were sneaking after a strange, stocky man - a Wose perhaps? she thought, not amused - who was probably pretending not to notice them. "Cnebba!" she said in warning, ruining the game. The boy glared at her, then turned to the odd man he had been shadowing.

He looked at the odd man's face, a little frightened. Garmund backed one step away at the look of the peculiar face. It was difficult for the boys to say if the man was smiling or angry.

"Hello. I'm Cnebba," Cnebba said in a small voice.
"He is son of Stigend, the carpenter", Garmund added in a serious tone of voice, "I am Garmund, son of Garstan the Stoneshaper. What is your name?"
"And what are you?" Cnebba asked quickly, before the stranger could answer the first question.
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