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Two nights running I've had BD dreams. The night before last I had some sort of dream about W-W. For the life of me I can't remember what happened in the dream, but I know it was W-W-related.

Last night I had one of the most bizzare dreams I've ever had. I was in a kind of suburban neighborhood. It was on a hill with a sort of woods at the top and a street running down the hill, with houses and large lawns. About halfway to the woods (from where I was standing) there was a path running perpendicular to the street and parallel to the edge of the woods. I think I've had another deam before that was set in this place. Anyway, I was standing in the grass (under a tree, I think), looking up at the woods at the top of the hill. Suddenly, Feanor comes dashing along the path. At this point I'm a little fuzzy about what happened in the dream. At some point, Feanor comes up to me and shows me how she weas lipstick on the bottoms of her feet (she was barefoot.) I thought that was kind of odd, but then some random person comes up and tells me that this is a custom in Japan, and I decide that it's okay then. (I think I figured it had something to do with how medieval Japanese women painted their faces white. Ah, the things you learn in AP World History ) I believe this was one of the weirdest dreams I've ever had, second only to the World War I dream I had in seventh grade, but that's another story...
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