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I had a dream yesterday afternoon (yes, afternoon--I fell asleep on the couch doing over-the-summer English homework) about Lhuna. I dreamt that she wrote a book, and once it was published my brother wanted to call her on the phone to talk about the book. (I have no idea why I always dream about calling BDers on the phone.) I told him that this was a bad idea, since everyone else would probably be calling her on the phone about the book, and that we should visit her in the Philippines instead. We went there and ended up at her house. She was very nice, and we spent a lot of time wandering around her house. (which had very interesting-looking windows that had bamboo around them.) Nilp didn't really come into the dream, except that Lhuna showed us an odd-looking cartoon of him. Their brother (who, as far as I know, doesn't belong to the 'Downs) kept wandering around, moping because he couldn't go to Saudi Arabia. The rest of the dream had absolutely nothing BD-related, so I won't bore you with it.
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