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A long and odd dream

Well... bear with me here. This is a long dream involving werewolves and Kathwin. It's all rather confusing.

First off, I was a zombie in a secret society for zombies at my school. A teacher discovered this and trooped in with two policemen armed with guns to put an end to our zombism.

I forget a bit and my memory jumps straight to a standoff between us. I was holding my teacher hostage but the policemen had their guns aimed straight at me.

My teacher said "Now it's just like those games where you have to destroy the zombies faster than they can infect people." I decided it was worth being shot to turn her into a zombie, so I bit her. The police shot me in the stomach several times, but apparently this doesn't hurt zombies.

Then one of my friends, along with a scary, crazy looking distant family member of mine, rushed up the stairs to our zombie base, where all this was happening, and presumably took care of the policemen. I remember being elated that my friend had come to rescue me, but this quickly faded when he aimed a gun at my forehead, called me the rudest word in the English language (sounds rather like French for story) and shot me in the head.

Apparently, even this is not enough to kill zombies, and I was shoved into a cupboard. However, I believe being shot in the head may have turned me into a werewolf, because after being put in the cupboard, zombie was I no longer.

I then somehow teleported to some rich girl's house. Her father was some sort of captain in the navy or army, but he went missing every 28 days, most mysteriously. I pointed out to the girl that she was a werewolf, and we became werewolf lovers.

But suddenly the scary relative jumped into the house! He too was a werewolf! I tried to protect my lover from him, but he was far bigger than me. The hall, where all this took place, was full of mirrors. So I shot all the mirrors, and this somehow killed the scary relative. But it also harmed my lover - I think she may have died.

Anyway, the lover somehow disappeared and was replaced by my dad. We were on a ship off the coast of India, being chased by 3 diplomats - one was probably from China, for he was represented by a Korean friend. We shook off 2 of the men, and I shot the Korean friend in the ship's engine. Unfortunately, this caused the ship to stop working and it almost sunk, though luckily it reached Mumbai before this could happen, and I jumped off, losing my dad.

I was now alone and in the poorest part of my hometown. I went to hide, for I was still being chased, either for being a werewolf or for supporting democracy in Nepal (which the EU, US and India are all against, explaining the diplomats). So I went to hide in a house with a friendly woman.

After being in the house for a few minutes I saw a policewoman outside the kitchen window. She saw me, and I ducked quickly. But she came right up to the window. I tried to hide by going right up to the window in question and hiding behind the sink, but suddenly Kath was behind me, and saying "You're in her line of sight! You're in her line of sight!"

Too late, I ran, but the police stormed the house. I ran up the stairs into an abandoned room, broke through the window and jumped onto the roof of an opposite house.

Then it's all a blur. The next thing I remember is standing in court - but whether it was because of the secret zombie movement, being a werewolf, sinking a ship or supporting democracy, I don't know.

Right. Analyse that.
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